15 ways to Become more Masculine and build Alpha Male behavior

Masculinity and alpha male traits goes side by side. Here’s a list of 15 things you can do to boost your masculinity and alpha male traits:

  • Have an ability to carry responsibility. By taking responsibility on your actions, either the outcome is negative or positive, it’s very respectful trait to have this ability. Real men have balls to take responsibility on their actions.
  • Learn to not give a f@#k. Easier said than done. But it’s a trait you can actually learn. Masculine men have a low inhibitions. Here’s guide: How to not care about what others think (Acquiring I don’t give a f attitude)
  • Acquire a good posture and stand tall. Have a relaxed body language. This will make wonders on your demeanor and more “alpha”.
  • Don’t put other’s down. Another sign of being an alpha male. Insecure men are trying to put other’s down, masculine men don’t. Masculine men don’t need ego boost from that, they know their value.
  • Never let anyone put you down. Always stand for yourself if someone is trying to put you down. Don’t go for physical though, alpha males don’t do street fights unless it’s self defense. They are mentally so strong that they can win the situation with words. Example, I know a very masculine guy who many would consider as a thug or some bully(really the most friendly and never bullying anyone), but he will never go physical if someone is trying to put him down. Instead he’s so good and confident conversationalist that he will always win with his words those who are trying to put him down.
  • Be proud of yourself. And carry that pride along with you. Imagine it like being the alpha of the pack of lions. The boss carry himself with great pride. That’s masculine trait.
  • Do some kind of masculine sports, I prefer martial arts. Not only are they are probably most intense sports out there, they will build you an iron will and great discipline. Going to gym and lifting is common sense when it comes to masculinity, but I still had to mention that.
  • Be passionate and ambitious. That’s the trait of leaders have had centuries.
  • Be more willing to take risks. Masculine men have lower risk taking behavior than feminine men.
  • Be loyal to your family and friends. And always support, protect and help them. This can be again compare to the leader of the pack of lions. He knows he’s the boss. But the quote “great power comes with great responsibility” can be applied on this. Good leader will support and protect his pack and take the lead. This is real masculinity.
  • Take a lead. Inspired from the point above, this is another masculine trait. Leaders have charismatic and masculine traits, and being able to take an action and make decisions is alpha trait.
  • Don’t brag. This is probably not so much a thing with masculinity, but an alpha male trait. And alpha males don’t seek approval from others by bragging, because they know their value.
  • Some other things that would improve the “masculinity”, they should not be done because of that improvement but only if you really want it. Get a motorcycle. Have an masculine career, like police officer or fireman. Again, don’t choose career because you will be more masculine due to it.
  • If we go to looks, having either a “Lumberjack” or “BadBoy” look. Lumberjack: Beard mode when it comes to body and long beard. Only go for this if you can grow a full beard without patches. On the other hand, badboy look, doesn’t require huge size. Imagine example Brad Pitt at ‘Fight Club’ movie. So, qualities like low bodyfat %, buzz cut and tattoos. Don’t take though tattoos to just ‘look’ more masculine. It should be more personal thing (Also he don’t have tattoos neither buzz cut on that movie). The low bodyfat % makes your face more masculine due the sharpened jawline and higher cheekbones. Below 10% is optimal. You can read here my cutting routine for that: How to get Ripped Abs and Bodyfat below 10% ? .
  • Also your style of dressing. As you can guess, no to metrosexual style. The more edgy, the better.
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