Good sources for getting over the shyness and social anxiety

This time I’ll make a list of good sources which helped me tremendously on my journey to beat the shyness and become confident. They sped up my learning curve a lot.

Helpful article: How to forget the mistakes of the past and move on the life

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Why I’m against the mainstream dating advice

As I’m saying I’m a Dating Coach, I really don’t like that term.

I’m just a guy who was struggling with shyness and women, transforming to guy who got over the shyness and good with women after testing countless of ways to get there. And I’m giving the tips and tools how you can get there too, without wasting your precious time on mainstream dating advice that won’t get you anywhere.

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Mucuna Pruriens Review – Actually a legit Testosterone Booster


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When it comes to natural testosterone boosters, most of them are bullshit and won’t work.

Mucuna Pruriens is not like that. It’s actually one of the rare supplements that boosts testosterone levels.

When I first time tried this supplement, I noticed immediately harder lifts in gym. Wasn’t sure either it was placebo or not, but I experimented again. And again. The lifts were hard on every gym session.

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How to get motivated to get your dating life together

Hopefully this post gets you motivated to either getting over the shyness, or getting your dating life together.

If you have lost your interest to get women, or if you have no experience and you have no motivation to start your journey to get a good sex life, hopefully this post will get you started.

Btw, check these good sources that will help you and save your time on the journey of becoming the best version of yourself.

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Brad’s transformation story from shy guy to Player

If you are in your late teens or early 20’s, struggling to get women or lack motivation to start your journey to get good at it, I’ll tell my success story which hopefully helps you and gets you motivated to master this aspect of your life.

Originally I was planning to write in this post ways to get you motivated for going out of your comfort zone, but I accidentally wrote a very long life story of my transformation. So I promise I’ll write the original article other time. Anyway, let’s go to the story of me:

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Complete guide to get good at getting women

Hello mates,

It’s a long time since I last time wrote a blog post, sorry for that. I’ve been so busy with all kinds of stuff, but now I finally got some free time and I would like to get back to help you guys with dating stuff.

This time I would like to share a little different guide than I usually would. Normally I’m against a pickup-lines and such a techniques, and I’ve wrote in past the formulas from approach to sex just by being yourself. These guide’s may not cover a lot what you should say, how you would charm her. If you are still struggling on that, hopefully this post will click to you how you’ll become more charming person who attract women.

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