Acquiring the God Mode and living the Full Player Lifestyle


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This is the routine I used in the past to get into the next level. This is the routine that really was the game changer.

Although this takes a lot of time and effort, it will be worth it in the end. You will have constant dopamine rushes and you are literally going for God Mode.

Here’s the routine to follow up:

This will be your daily routine on weekdays:

-Right after you wake up, wear your sneakers and go take a walk with empty stomach. It should take around 40 to 60 minutes. This will burn your bodyfat without losing muscle gains and get’s you ready for day.

-When you get home from the walking, take a cold shower before eating the breakfast. You can go for hardcore mode and go straight for freezing shower, or first take a warm and then turn down the temperature. Cold showers are very healthy and gives you a good energy boost. Also they help with the fat burning, as your metabolism will get boost. Taking a cold shower is not easy and comfortable. By taking this as a daily routine, not only you’ll get the health benefits of the cold showers, but also you’ll build a strong discipline and iron will.

-After the shower, eat low carb breakfast. Like boiled eggs and some vegetables. This kind of high protein/low carb/ high fat breakfast will get you energy through day. After this you’ll be ready for day if you have a work or school. If you have a free time, you can go example picking up women on daytime. If you are still struggling with approach anxiety and fear rejections, you can do the drills in the program to beat the fear and become immune to rejections.

-When you get home, you can either go for gym or do pickups. Or if you have dates arranged, go for them.

On the weekend:

Friday night is the night for going to clubs. Avoid getting wasted so you are not on the hangover on the next day. If you have followed the methods of this book, there should not be issues to get laid, unless there are no women in the bars.


When you have a whole day of free time, there is a lot of things to do. Start your day with long walk in the nature. Again with empty stomach. This if you didn’t party but went sober on the Friday and you are not suffering from hangover. Eat breakfast and hit the gym to get good endorphine rush.

Then it’s time to get some pussy. If you haven’t already set up dates for this day, it’s time to go for picking up women. You can also try to get dates on that day from the Tinder, but I like to go for daytime picking up. On the weekends there is a good chance to get laid on the same day or instant dates when doing the daytime approaching. Just ask her plans for the evening, or if she have no plans right now, you can ask her for drink and get things to your bedroom from there. On the other hand you can set up date with her later on the evening for drinks and get laid.

If you didn’t get dates for this day, no worry. There is still the whole night ahead. Again for clubs.

If you want to go for real Player mode, you fuck 3 women a day with this method. Setup a date from the Tinder for the afternoon on Saturday, later go for method above, and on the night go get some pussy from bars. It’s pretty hardcore, but an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Repeat on the Sunday if you have enough energy and motivation after all that pussy. Also remember if you met some cool girls you would be interested to meet in the future, setup dates with them for the next week.

This kind of player lifestyle is hardcore mode. But if you want to live like a Rock Star, go for it. You’ll forge a memories to remember for and not regret of not living your life for the fullest.

Things to avoid while doing the God Mode

-Don’t masturbate. You are not allowed to ejaculate from now. The next time you can cum, is when you are having a sex.

The benefits of not masturbating depends from person to person, some guys report an excellent benefits energy boost, better concentration, harder lifts at the gym. But one thing is common for all:

It will get your ass up out there to pickup women. You’ll get a huge motivation for finding a woman to fuck brains out.

So, you are not allowed to masturbate. Ejaculation kills your motivation to go chasing the pussy. Also it drains your energy levels down.

-Avoid caffeine. Coffee, energy drinks or caffeine pills. You’ll get the short term energy boost but you will crash later and get exhausted until next cup of coffee. Instead try to drink less caffeined drinks, like green tea. Even it doesn’t give you the huge energy boost coffee would give, it gives more stable energy boost through the day and you won’t crash. Not to say the dozens of health benefits greentea has.

-No sugar. No sodas, no processed foods. Only allowed sugar sources are fruits. Try to avoid sugar for few weeks and you’ll see a huge improvement on your energy levels.

-Try to hit the gym at least 4 times a week. The gym sessions don’t need to last long. They can take a 30 to 60 minutes. After that your cortisol levels raise up a lot, so there isn’t need for being in the gym for hours. Remember to do cardio also for boosting mood and other health benefits.

-Don’t binge drink. Couple of beers is ok, but getting super wasted and wasting the whole weekend on hangover is waste of your precious time. Also there is a less likely chance to get laid when you are wasted as fuck. Also as I have said earlier, alcohol dates on the pubs are more likely getting you laid on the first date than coffee dates. But just couple of beers.

-Healthy diet is imporant. No junkfood, no processed food. Only organic foods. You can have although a one cheat day in the week when you can eat junkfood or other delicious snacks.


As I have already declared the supplements that works, I’ll list them again:

  • Rhodiola Rosea for boosting testosterone, supressing depression, lasting longer in bed, boosting energy levels and destroying the cortisol levels.
  • Mucuna Pruriens. Boosting testosterone a lot, making you horny as fuck and having ability to fuck many times a row. Supressing the anxiety and giving you the motivation boost. Also good for losing the fat as it boosts metabolism. Take it in the morning for empty stomach before going for walk
  • Nac. Protecting liver, avoiding hangovers and boosting mood and energy levels.
  • L-Theanine. On rare occasions when drinking coffee, you get the great synergy and concentration boost. Also relieves anxiety.
  • Maca. Energy and male performance boost.
  • Zinc, Magnesium and B6 vitamin, vitamin C, vitamin D.

These are the only supplements I approve after testing tens of different supplements.

Example day of living the God Mode

You wake up at the 7.00 AM. Take the Mucuna Pruriens and go for walk. You are getting the fresh air while burning the bodyfat.

After coming home you turn on the stove and put eggs boiling, while going to take the cold shower (if you are going to gym, you can skip this later). After 2 to 5 minutes in freezing water, you come off like a boss. The endorphines are rushing over your body. You are ready for the breakfast of the gods.

Eat 6 boiled eggs, broccoli, banana, spinach, a spoon of olive oil and cup of organic green tea. The day as being an alpha is awaits you.

You go to gym and hit hard lifts, feeling the intense burning and testosterone boosting. After 30-60 minutes you have finished the workout. Drink the whey and get back to home. Now it’s time to take the cold shower if you already didn’t at the morning. The endorphine high from the gym and cold shower almost gets you high.

It’s now time to go pickup some women. Let’s say you haven’t already setup date for this day, so you can go to town. Dress as good as you can. The dopamine boosts from the routines in the morning is getting you feeling like boss.

You arrive to town. You do a few cold approaches, maybe get some phone numbers. Then you meet a woman who’s shopping but don’t have any other plans. You ask if she would like to have a coffee with you after good cold approach. She agrees and you go to coffee shop. You are playful, acting like alpha and she’s into you. At some point you ask if she would like come to your place to have some drink and chill. She agrees.

At your place, you make a drink for both of you. Not finishing the drink, you are already making out passionately. Soon she’s moaning from the pleasure when you are f@cking her hard. You’ll feel like alpha. After the sex, you are gentleman and ask her phone number, compliment her and say that it would be nice to meet again.

When she leaves, you have some spare time until the night comes. You can do your own things at this moment, text to the other women you get phone numbers in the day or do some Tinder.

Then it’s time to hit the club. With full of confidence and zero neediness you go for the hottest women. Either they reject you or not, you don’t really give a f@ck as you have so many other options. Soon you meet the woman that’s attracted to you. Again, after some club game, you ask for after party.

It’s time live the time of your life. Again you are fucking hers brain out and she is moaning in the ecstatic pleasure. You feel like king of the world.

Then you fall a sleep after living a day of alpha male, waking up on the morning with her and starting your day with great sex.

The world is awaiting you. The new day is ahead of you as an alpha male. Will you go to meet some friends, hit the gym for endorphine high or setup dates/pickup women? You have all the power and you are the boss of your own happiness.

This can be the life you can live. If you just put enough effort and have patience to keep going.

This kind of hedonistic lifestyle can be really fun, but if you are planning to have a family in the future and more serious stuff, there is still no limits. You have so many options of women and everyday can be the day you can meet the girl of your dreams you would like to have your wife.

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