Brad’s style to dress at bar/club for getting best results

This is a short post, and it’s purpose is to give you some ideas how to dress if you have no idea what would be the best style. Of course if you have already your own unique style, go with it. 

Dressing guide

The more important thing than buying expensive brand clothes with huge logos in the middle of the shirt, is the color contrast and how they fit on you. White shoes, white shirt and so on. Not wearing loose pants or shirts, but the one’s that fit on your body. That’s the key.

Simple style is best


None. A good hairstyle wins a hat anytime.


V Neck T-shirt. With or without the buttons. Color: white or black. Simple colors. The black shirt gives my arms a good contrast and makes them looks bigger.

You should take as tight shirt as possible, this also makes an illusion of bigger arms. Big arms in the club environment is a huge advantage.

A pink shirt gives you a swag and player vibe. If you have confident enough to go with pink, try it out. I’ve gotten approached by women when I wore a pink the shirt.


Slim jeans. Simple, but looks good. Blue is usually a good choice of color. The color of jeans depends on what shirt you are wearing:

Color combos with:

  • White shirt:

Blue or black jeans.

  • Black shirt:

Blue jeans.

  • Blue shirt:

Black jeans.

  • Other color:

Blue or black jeans.

Never white jeans!


A lift shoes. Gives you a little bit more of height, which is advantage. Color should be chosen by the rest of your clothes. If you are wearing a white shirt, have a white shoes. With black you can go for both. On the other hand, brown leather shoes are manly.


The color is the most imporant factor, and how it matches with the rest of your clothes. With white shoes, wear a white belt.


When you smell good, you’ll feel good. When you feel good, you are more confident. And when you are more confident, you are getting more women.

From my experience, the perfumes aren’t the best. They smell too much. I prefer deodorants.

I’ve experimented a lot of different deodorants and perfumes, and the connection between them and success with women. There isn’t a big impact, but of course it’s always best to maximize every aspect.

One fragrance have become my favorite over the years. And women also love it. When I use it, I get compliments like: ’you smell very good’.

It’s the ’Hugo Boss – Bottled Night’ deodorant. A very manly smell, but not too intense. Get it from Amazon:


Necklaces, I don’t personally like them. Neither wrist jewelry.

But a nice watch is a huge plus. The more expensive, the better (Status boost).

I get always compliments when I’m wearing my watch, which isn’t even expensive. Wearing a watch looks manly.

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