Very effective exercise to build V-taper that takes about 10 minutes and can be done at home

This simple yet powerful pull-up variation method was a gem when there was little to no time for gym. It’s very effective to build a massive back or arms.

I heard a first time about this method of an old MMA friend of mine who had done wrestling his whole life. He had a massive back and V-taper. My jaw dropped when I saw him first time without shirt. He was training like beast.

We used to talk a lot about training with him. At that time I had just started going to gym, and he gave me a great tips. One was this pull-up method.

He was a level of pro-athletics on his condition, but still said this is very hardcore method that get his arms and lats strained for days after.

So the method is simple:

Aim to do 100 pull-ups in about 10 minutes.

10 pull-ups, then one minute rest and repeat 10 times.

If you can do the full 100 you are a very tough guy. I’ve never get there by myself. But the point is to do as many pull-ups as you can 10x.

You can do first 10. Then rest a minute. Then push your limits again and do 8 if you can’t get the full 10. And 5 after the next minute. And so on.

You don’t even need to get the full 10 pull-ups on the first set. You can simply do a 3 if that’s the max you can do and rest a minute, then do again 3 or 2.

By doing this method once a week will have a great impact on your lats and acquiring the sexy V-taper.

If you want to go on beast mode, do this as the first method on the gym and then do the other back exercises you have on your routine.

Just wanted to share this quick and powerful training method. If you have no time to go for gym, you can still build a huge back at home with this routine.

If you have no pull-up bar at home, I highly recommend to get one. It’s very easy to setup. Takes about 5 minutes and you are ready to go for workout. The one I have in video is an old one, the newer I have is far better. You can can do with it all kinds of variations of pull-ups and hit every small muscle group on your lats to build a huge back and wide shoulders. And sexy V-taper of course. Get a great pull-up bar with different variations from Amazon:

Simple and Effective Homemade Wrist Trainer to Strengthen your Wrists

I got inspired to craft some homemade training supplies today. I used to have this kind of wrist training tool in the past and I had completely forgot it. Until yesterday I remembered how good and effective it was.

So I wanted to create one again and strengthen my wrists like Old School Boxers.

It’s a simple, ghetto wrist trainer yet very effective and gives an intense burn on your wrists. It’s especially good for Boxers or Climbers, but also for anyone. You want to strengthen your wrists to prevent injuries, so you don’t have to take breaks from gym. These breaks sucks ass.

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How to get Ripped Abs and Bodyfat below 10% ?


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Sixpack is sexy. There is no doubt.

I always wanted to get these ripped abs, but it took me a long time to figure out how to. I did a lot of different abs exercises at the gym, but I didn’t never got a visible sixpack.

After many attempts and different routines I finally managed to acquire the ripped abs.

And the pattern was very simple: Lose the bodyfat percentage.

You know these very skinny guys who never went to gym, but when they take their shirt off, they have a visible abs. Even they probably have none muscles in there.

Then there are powerlifters. They have sometimes a very high fat percentage. They don’t have sixpack if they take off their shirt. Behind these fat layers would be an incredible abdominal muscles.

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5 Minutes Home Workout that do wonders on your Aerobic Condition

This workout only takes a 5 minutes and is a lot better than going jogging or to the gym doing aerobic exercises.

Doing it daily will dramatically boost your aerobic condition and muscle stamina.

It’s also a lot more extreme.

This is the only workout I have ever puked afterwards, even I was a lot better shape at the time doing this regularly.

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