L-Theanine ~ Relaxation for Mind and Boosting Concentraction

The last legit supplement in my stack.

This one is not for boosting physical performance like Mucuna or Rhodiola.

L-theanine is for boosting the mental performance.

It works wonderfully when mixing with coffee. The Synergy between them is great!

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Mucuna Pruriens Review – Actually a legit Testosterone Booster


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When it comes to natural testosterone boosters, most of them are bullshit and won’t work.

Mucuna Pruriens is not like that. It’s actually one of the rare supplements that boosts testosterone levels.

When I first time tried this supplement, I noticed immediately harder lifts in gym. Wasn’t sure either it was placebo or not, but I experimented again. And again. The lifts were hard on every gym session.

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