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 If you are not willing to see how the dating game works in realistic way, please leave now, this isn’t for you. If you are interested, keep reading. This is something most people don’t want to accept.

It’s against the mainstream dating advice. ”Just be yourself” ”Just wait and you’ll meet the girl of your dreams one day” ”Hit the gym and take a haircut”. You may have seen a lot of advice like this when guys are asking how to get girlfriend.

I did too.

And let’s be real. I didn’t get any when believing that bullshit.

The real transformation happened after I went alone to bars again and again, trying every possible way to pick up girls.

Then one day it all clicked. And I realized the real way to get girls was far, far away from the mainstream dating advice.

This method will get you a massive success with women, if you are just ready to go for it. It’s the same pattern. After testing every way to get girls, this method granted me to really see how it’s feel to get constantly easily new girls.

The eBook contains following:

-How to become more attractive

-How to improve your sex appeal and BadBoy vibe

-How to go alone to bar and get laid

-How to be playful and make women wet

-How to build confidence

-How to deal with cockblocks and approach multiple girls

-How to get rid of the fear of rejection

-How to improve your social skills

-How to not Give a Fuck

-And much more…