L-Theanine ~ Relaxation for Mind and Boosting Concentraction

The last legit supplement in my stack.

This one is not for boosting physical performance like Mucuna or Rhodiola.

L-theanine is for boosting the mental performance.

It works wonderfully when mixing with coffee. The Synergy between them is great!

This is probably not news in 2019 but I still want to write my own experience and review about Bulletproof Coffee (1 cup of Black Coffee, 200-400mg L-theanine, sometimes adding good fats like little spoon of butter):

It takes the edge of the caffeine’s bad symptoms:

  • Less caffeine induced anxiety
  • Less caffeine induced shaking
  • Lessen the caffeine crash

And boosts the good effects:

  • More Productivity
  • More Concentration
  • More Energy
  • Prolongs the duration of caffeine’s good effects

I rarely nowadays drink my coffee without mixing it with theanine. Earlier I had L-theanine in capsule form, but then I bought it as a pure powder, which is much more cheaper and better than capsules in the long term.

L-theanine is natural amino acid, example Green Tea contains theanine.

Besides the good effects with caffeine, L-theanine has many good other effects, like:

  • Helps to get sleep
  • Lessens anxiety

The anxiety lessening effects can’t be compared example to alcohol where inhibitions drops dramatically.

L-theanine’s anxiety lessening effects are more like relaxed body and mind if you are very stressed. But I get most of theanine by mixing it with coffee, due the synergy effects.

You can get a good quality L-Theanine as a Powder Form from Amazon Here.

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