50 tips for better success with women

Alright guys, I’ll write here a list of short tips you can apply to get better results with women:

  1. Don’t offer drinks for random women at bar
  2. Don’t reply immediately back when she texts you. Wait a while
  3. Don’t ever appear to be jealous when she’s talking with other guys
  4. Have a lot of eye contact with her
  5. When you sit down besides her, take a huge space, open body language and lay down relaxed. Not closed body language
  6. Don’t think about what you just said. Go with the flow and don’t stress either you said something stupid. Act like nothing happened.
  7. Don’t feel shame about anything.
  8. Grab her hand when you are walking.
  9. Go for kiss, don’t ask for kiss.
  10. Smile a lot.
  11. Have some mystery around you and don’t reveal everything about you on first date.
  12. Don’t go desperate over one girl. Act like you can get any girl you want.
  13. Stop putting pussy on pedestal. Have bigger goals than getting women, and they will come on you.
  14. After you have sex first time, always have a netflix&chill date after that.
  15. If you have ripped body, show it off on Tinder
  16. Don’t stress about pickup lines, “Hello, you are cute” is more than good.
  17. If you go out of words, go for make out
  18. Turn the tables. Make her chasing you.
  19. Say whatever you want.
  20. Don’t let her command you. She’ll lose respect on you if go submissive.
  21. Go for kiss at least in the end of first date. Preferring earlier.
  22. Don’t double text on her.
  23. Don’t make boring interview conversations, at least threw some flirt between them if you are going for it.
  24. Don’t ask either she likes you, expect so
  25. Don’t piss off if you get rejected. Just act like not fucks was given
  26. If the music is too loud at club, grab her hand and go for dance floor
  27. Don’t stress about dancing skills, just do whatever you want and try to make out and escalate physically
  28. Ask first for after party. If she disagree, ask for number.
  29. Be the dominating one. Be the leader. Make the decisions, this way she respects you more.
  30. Don’t start spamming messages after the first date.
  31. Act like a Man, so she can actually feel to be a woman
  32. If she don’t reply on your messages, go for next girl. No need to waste your time.
  33. If you never take an initiative to approach, your chances to get women will dramatically drop. So go for it and approach.
  34. Don’t have a first date at loudly nightclub
  35. Instead of asking, make a statements
  36. Use sarcasm.This can help in many situations.
  37. Don’t talk about school or work on dates.
  38. Compliment her, but don’t over do it!
  39. Don’t brag about getting women, do it stealthy
  40. Use travelling pictures in your Tinder profile
  41. If you get stuck in friend zone, move on to other girls
  42. There are no rules for time to go kiss. Make out when you feel so.
  43. Be a gentleman, but at the same have some bad boy vibe
  44. Don’t be afraid to tease women, they love it
  45. Teasing is not same as offending
  46. Better to do bad approach than none at all.
  47. Don’t think about future or past, live in this moment.
  48. The more physical contact you have with her, the more comfortable she’s taking things furthermore.
  49. Don’t talk about politics
  50. Love yourself. If you don’t, how could the women?
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