Mucuna Pruriens Review – Actually a legit Testosterone Booster


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When it comes to natural testosterone boosters, most of them are bullshit and won’t work.

Mucuna Pruriens is not like that. It’s actually one of the rare supplements that boosts testosterone levels.

When I first time tried this supplement, I noticed immediately harder lifts in gym. Wasn’t sure either it was placebo or not, but I experimented again. And again. The lifts were hard on every gym session.

And it was official for me. I realized that I had finally found a testosterone booster that actually works.

I don’t write a long science article about this, but quick information if you are not aware what Mucuna Pruriens is.

It’s a bean. A miracle bean that contains all kinds of ingredients, like serotonin and nicotine, but the most important ingredient: L-Dopa.

L-Dopa raises dopamine levels. And high dopamine levels raises testosterone levels.

The positive effects I had with Mucuna Pruriens:

  • Harder lifts at the gym.
  • Higher energy levels.
  • Better concentration.
  • More productive.
  • Male performance boosting effects.

Besides these effects, I realized a more thicker beard growth after starting using Mucuna.

This supplement should be used in moderation though, as a longterm use may downregulate the dopamine receptors.

For losing fat, this supplement is great too. When I’m on cutting phase, I take Mucuna Pruriens at the morning with coffee (They synergy) on empty stomach and go for walk/jogging. A very good way to burn fat. Not going to make this fat loss guide, but adding that method on my cutting routine, I got most low bodyfat% and ripped abs I ever had.

I should start that routine again, I have gained some belly fat nowadays.

From my experience, this is an excellent supplement (Maybe best I’ve tried) for boosting an athletic performance besides other positive effects. Either for gaining muscle or losing fat.

I remember reading it should be taken with Green Tea extract to get best benefits, but I’ve experimented with and without, realizing no difference.

As there were reports of Green Tea extract causing liver damage, I stopped immediately using these and throw my Green Tea capsules to trash.

From my experience there is no need for them to boost the effects of L-Dopa (Helping dopamine to cross the blood brain barrier).

Mucuna Pruriens alone is a great supplement, either for gym or in the bedroom. I approve this supplement for my stack.

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