NAC (N-acetylcysteine) Review – Energy boost and mood lift


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N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is a one of my favorite supplements (One of these few that works).

It’s a medication used to treat the paracetamol overdose, but I haven’t used it for that.

Originally I bought it because I read somewhere it can prevent a hangovers, as I’m always suffering a terrible hangovers.

It was true though, the NAC worked for that purpose.

By taking it few hours before I went to drink, I had less intense hangover the next day. It should not be taken though while drinking or on hangover, as it can be actually damaging liver at that point.

As I nowadays binge drink very rarely, I don’t use NAC for preventing the hangovers.

There were other nice benefits I realized:

  • Higher energy levels. I’m usually exhausted, but after taking a NAC I realized a huge improvement in energy levels. I’ve tried a lot of supplements and I can see immediately which supplements works and which won’t. NAC worked for me wonders.
  • Depression/Anxiety supression. I got a nice mood and anti-depressive effects, being more talkative and productive.

As I’m not a doctor nor nutritionist, I don’t know exactly what’s the mechanism behind NAC’s antidepressive effects, but it’s has something to do with NAC’s increasing the Glutathione levels.

To not make this science article, you know these rare occasions when hangovers are good.

A creative hangovers. When the hangovers actually improves your mood.

The alcohol consumption unbalances the glutathione levels, and this cause sometimes these nice creative hangovers (Which I get way too rarely).

That’s probably the science behind the NAC’s anti-depressive effects. Or cleaning the toxics off liver.

Anyway, NAC is a nice supplement with great anti-depressive effects along higher energy levels. One of the very few supplements I approve and have in my supplement-stack.

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