Simple and Effective Homemade Wrist Trainer to Strengthen your Wrists

I got inspired to craft some homemade training supplies today. I used to have this kind of wrist training tool in the past and I had completely forgot it. Until yesterday I remembered how good and effective it was.

So I wanted to create one again and strengthen my wrists like Old School Boxers.

It’s a simple, ghetto wrist trainer yet very effective and gives an intense burn on your wrists. It’s especially good for Boxers or Climbers, but also for anyone. You want to strengthen your wrists to prevent injuries, so you don’t have to take breaks from gym. These breaks sucks ass.

Components you need

Strong string and a stick. Prefer a fresh wood.

I went today to forest to look some sticks and found a good one. Back to home I started building this equipment.

Just make sure the stick is thick enough so you can get a grip and it’s long enough. Then shave it and make a trail in the middle of the stick for the string. Tie the string in the middle of the stick.

The process of building
It should be thick enough so you can get the grip over it

And it’s ready! Very fast and easy process.

Now you just need to find some place to tie it. Something that is heavy enough to not move when you start training. I only had my sofa. Also make sure the string is strong enough, as my first string was too weak and broke after I tried the exercise.

Now you can start exercising. Simply just roll forward and backward. Like you would drive a motorcycle. Do this until you can’t anymore due the burning in your wrists.

As this is at your home, you can easily do this daily with little to no time. This doesn’t take a long.

But as I said, it is an effective exercise that trains hard your wrists!

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