Player Journal Part 2

My Journey To Player

As the previous post of this journal: ”Player Journal Part 1”, let’s continue my story from overly shy nice guy to beating the shyness and living the Player Lifestyle.

Heart Breaking Winter

This part of the story goes actually back in the time where the previous post ended.

The heart breaking winter. It was the winter I already had built balls to approach girls everywhere and had my first kiss, but I was still virgin at this point.

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The Player Journal Part 1

In this article, we’ll go 9 years back in time. The time when I started my journey to overcome shyness and getting good at talking to girls. This is a story how overly shy nice guy did beat the shyness and started to get good at approaching girls

At that time there was no Tinder and only option to get laid was to go out and talk with girls.

The first night ever when I approached a girl.

I can still remember it like yesterday:

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