The Power Trip of Living the Player Lifestyle

First, I was almost crying myself to sleep after depressing masturbation of another lonely Saturday night…

Then I flipped the coin…

As you probably already know, my background story from kissless virgin to player (if not, read here), I now tell about the actual Player Lifestyle…

Like any other skill, seduction women became my priority #1 of skills to develop.

First, I f#cked one girl a week.

Then one turned into two.

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8 Effective Ways to Become More Likable and Charismatic Person.

What is the secret to become Likable and Charismatic Person?

In this Article you’ll learn 8 Effective ways to Dramatically boost this Demeanor…

Shortly: The Key for Being Likable is ability to make people around you feel Important about themselves. Besides that, being respectful and having “authority” makes you more charismatic.

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Beginning of the Player Lifestyle. Player Journal Part 2.

My Journey To Player

The Player Journal Part 2 continues the story. In this part I tell you my story about how I started to get laid occasionally and had some extreme experiences, like having a threesome, toilet fucks or MILF hunting.

Besides that you might possibly can relate to some of the stories and get motivated, I teach you important lessons in this book.

This book contains the following:

  • Step by step guide how you can get threesome with two women
  • Example opening lines that I have proved to be effective
  • Strategy to learn how to fuck a hot woman in bars toilet in under 5 minutes
  • Complete guide how to approach, seduce and fuck MILF’s.
  • Important lessons to master the “Dating Game”
  • Motivational stories that hopefully helps you
  • Ways to avoid the Friend Zone
  • And much more…

Get this book only for $9.99 and start your own journey to become the Pimp! (This package contains both: Player Journal Part 1 and Part 2)

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The Player Journal Part 1

UPDATE: There is now a book about my Player Journal with more detailed stories than in this article. Feel free to download the book below for FREE:

Download “The Player Journal Part 1” The_Player_Journal_Part_1.pdf – Downloaded 260 times – 420 KB

Free Download

In this article, we’ll go 10 years back in time. The time when I started my journey to overcome shyness and getting good at talking to girls. This is a story how overly shy nice guy did beat the shyness and started to get good at approaching girls

At that time there was no Tinder and only option to get laid was to go out and talk with girls.

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Patience ~ Critical Trait to achieve your Goals ~ Acquire The Spirit of The Hunter

For the centuries, the most successful people have had the one trait that separates them and grant them the success and achievements they want.

The Patience.

Even from the beginning of human history, the ones who survived and succeeded to breed and protect the family were the Best Hunter’s.

To be an excellent Hunter, one needs to have an incredible Patience.

The Patience to wait, do extensive surveillance before taking action.

The Patience to not give up and willing to wait as long as needed for making a move.

If you can acquire the Patience of The Hunter, you are ready to Conquer and Achieve your Dreams.

You can achieve:

  • The Dating Life you have always dreamed of
  • The Body of your Dreams
  • Financial Success
  • The Career of your Dreams
  • The Skill you always wanted to learn

Examples how the Lack of the Patience can prevent you from success


Probably the most common example of the lack of the patience I have heard is not to have enough patience to keep Gym routine.

People always say the starting is the hardest thing to do, and after going to the gym for a while, it gets easier when it starts to become routine.

Well, starting a new thing is never easy, but maintaining the routine and having patience to keep improving, being aware of the time it takes, is the harder one.

Many people quit after they don’t see results quickly. 

Then they envy and moan about the successful people that have the patience to acquire this.


Another example is Poker (Link to article about how to make money with online poker at 2020)

I love that game. It’s not only about luck but also a combination of maths and psychology.

And Patience. Probably the most important aspect.

Many people don’t have the patience to wait for a good hand, and they lose.

When they do get a good hand, they don’t have patience to set up a trap like a Hunter and get as much profit as possible.

They spend that good hand for scaring people off before Cards are dealt with by betting too much, and this only gives them the minimal win, instead of playing it smart with patience and fleecing tens of times more money.

How to Acquire Patience

5 Keys For the Patience

Acquire The Spirit Of The Hunter!

To acquire the Patience of the Hunter, the Key to get success, you need the right Mindset:

  • Acknowledge that ”getting much without effort” is bullshit. Every Successful Entrepreneurs out there have worked hard to get where they are. Don’t expect quick results; have a bigger and realistic view of things.
  • Be willing to wait as much as possible before taking action for the best results. Even waiting long times can be boring as fuck, it’s better to wait and do the good surveillance whatever you are doing, so you maximize the results with good preparation.
  • Acquiring success is a Numbers Game, just like picking up women. Don’t take failure as a negative thing. Failing is just a learning experience. Every fail makes you more stronger, with the knowledge they grant you. They teach you how to approach things in different ways, try different things to achieve the goal.
  • Always think two steps ahead. The more steps, the better. Like playing Chess. To win the game, you need to be more steps ahead than your opponent. Always have a backup plan if and when you fail, so you are still winning with that.
  • Train yourself for the Iron Will and Discipline. When you are enough Disciplined to face and handle negative feelings and situations, you can do many things above.

Discipline and Patience aren’t the same thing, but both of these traits support each other.

If you can master them both, you will become unstoppable.

You will acquire what you want.

Women, Money Status. Whatever your goal is.

Discipline is the ability to get yourself through uncomfortable situations without quitting.

Patience is an ability to wait, done the best possible surveillance, and think as many steps ahead as possible before pulling the trigger and taking action.

Ways to train Stone Hard Discipline

One good way to train Iron Will and Discipline, is to start Martial Arts as a new hobby (Why you should start training martial arts) . Besides tens of other good benefits Martial Arts grants to you, the Iron Will is one of the best benefits.

Martial Arts were originally intended for Warriors and Soldiers to master not only their fighting skills, but also the Discipline, as every successful army requires good group discipline.

Other, very good program to stone hard Discipline is this program: The Discipline of the Warrior:

Hardcore Program for the Winners…

Even I’m long term Martial Artist myself and I have built great discipline due the years of training, I wanted to ice the cake and develop the best possible program to build the iron will.

This program really pushes you out of your comfort zone at least for the 30 days, even longer depending on your goals. And if you can do this at least for a month, you will feel like reborn after the 30 days.

You will literally feel like living in constant God Mode after this program.

If you are the type guy who have a lot of potential, good ideas or projects, but you never get started them and you are feeling lazy, this program is for you.

It will get you force you to get shit done. Read more about The Discipline of the Warrior Here.

14 Redflags you should be aware of before you start building stronger feelings on woman

Do you want to avoid lot of Emotional Pain and Detect Instantly Redflags on Women before you start building stronger feelings?

I hope I would have had a knowledge of the signals of possible Redflags some women can have when I met my first Girlfriend. That knowledge would have saved me a lot from emotional and mental pain.

Besides all the mental torture I went through after honey moon period, in the end I got cheated on. It took a long time to get over it and heal the scars I got left.

If I only would have known those negative signals to avoid for before building stronger feelings…

I don’t want that you get in the same position. I want to help you to recognize those Redflags before you get possible burned.

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Book Review: 5 Days Weekend by Garret B. Gunderson

Great Read

Are you Dreaming of Retiring at Young Age?

As I started the new Category: “Make Money Online“, I want to tell you about some good Sources I found very helpful about this topic. I accidentally found this book: “5 Days Weekend”, in the bookstore and hadn’t never heard about it before.

I got curious, and quickly checked the content of the book, realizing it has some very good and interesting stuff in it.

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How to start Successful Blog and monetize it to generate Passive Income in 2019

UPDATE for 2020: Read updated guide to start a Self-Improvement Blog Here.

Why to Start a Blog? Blogging is Better than Pussy (Jk)

In this article we go through how to start a blog from the scratch: planning the topic of your blog and deploying it live on the Internet.

We also go through some tips how to generate traffic and build audience, some basics of the Web Designing, if you have no experience on programming and you would like to learn some, must get Plugins on your WordPress Blog to secure and speed up your site.

You’ll learn how to effectively build a blog, monetize it and start generating passive income.

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