Preventing injuries


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Injuries sucks a bad.

You know the feeling when you have had a good streak on gym and you have trained like beast, then you get flu or damage your shoulder, forcing you to have a break from training.

It really f#cking sucks.

So I wanted to write an article about how to minimize the risk of possible injuries or getting sick.

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Very effective exercise to build V-taper that takes about 10 minutes and can be done at home

This simple yet powerful pull-up variation method was a gem when there was little to no time for gym. It’s very effective to build a massive back or arms. If you are wondering how to get V-Taper, this Routine will do the Trick.

Simple and Effective Routine for Building Massive Back

I heard a first time about this method of an old MMA friend of mine who had done wrestling his whole life. He had a massive back and V-taper. My jaw dropped when I saw him first time without shirt. He was training like beast.

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Simple and Effective Homemade Wrist Trainer to Strengthen your Wrists

Do you want to acquire Rock Hard Wrists like Old School Boxers? Here’s cheap yet effective homemade wrist trainer!

I got inspired to craft some homemade training supplies today. I used to have this kind of wrist training tool in the past and I had completely forgot it. Until yesterday I remembered how good and effective it was.

So I wanted to create one again and strengthen my wrists like Old School Boxers.

It’s a simple, ghetto wrist trainer yet very effective and gives an intense burn on your wrists. It’s especially good for Boxers or Climbers, but also for anyone. You want to strengthen your wrists to prevent injuries, so you don’t have to take breaks from gym. These breaks sucks ass.

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