8 Effective Ways to Become More Likable and Charismatic Person.

What is the secret to become Likable and Charismatic Person?

In this Article you’ll learn 8 Effective ways to Dramatically boost this Demeanor…

Shortly: The Key for Being Likable is ability to make people around you feel Important about themselves. Besides that, being respectful and having “authority” makes you more charismatic.

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Player Journal Part 2

My Journey To Player

As the previous post of this journal: ”Player Journal Part 1”, let’s continue my story from overly shy nice guy to beating the shyness and living the Player Lifestyle.

Heart Breaking Winter

This part of the story goes actually back in the time where the previous post ended.

The heart breaking winter. It was the winter I already had built balls to approach girls everywhere and had my first kiss, but I was still virgin at this point.

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The Player Journal Part 1

In this article, we’ll go 9 years back in time. The time when I started my journey to overcome shyness and getting good at talking to girls. This is a story how overly shy nice guy did beat the shyness and started to get good at approaching girls

At that time there was no Tinder and only option to get laid was to go out and talk with girls.

The first night ever when I approached a girl.

I can still remember it like yesterday:

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Patience ~ Critical Trait to achieve your Goals ~ Acquire The Spirit of The Hunter

For the centuries the most successful people have had the one trait that separates them and grant them the success and achievements they want.

The Patience.

Even from the beginning of the human history, the one’s who survived and succeed to breed and protect the family, were the Best Hunter’s.

To be an excellent Hunter, one need to have an incredible Patience.

The Patience to wait, do extensive surveillance before taking action.

The Patience to not give up and willing to wait as long as needed for making the move.

If you can acquire the Patience of The Hunter, you are ready to Conquer and Achieve your Dreams.

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16 Ways to Dramatically Improve your Personality

Below is 16 Best ways to improve Your personality and help Your life with:

  • Social situations
  • Financially
  • Becoming successful
  • and achieving Your Dreams

Some of them are common sense, but I tried to write more about Mindset that can be acquired and with it you can become the best version of yourself and dramatically improve your personality:

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Good sources for getting over the shyness and social anxiety

The calmness of the Nature.

So you want to Beat the Shyness?

Great. You came to right place my Friend!

This time I’ll make a list of great and legit sources which helped me tremendously on my journey to beat the shyness and become confident. They sped up my learning curve a lot.

There are also some new Sources I hope I would have found back then… They would have given a huge help back then. Hopefully they will help You on Your Journey!

Helpful article: How to forget the mistakes of the past and move on the life

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How to get motivated to get your dating life together

Hopefully this post gets you motivated to either getting over the shyness, or getting your dating life together.

If you have lost your interest to get women, or if you have no experience and you have no motivation to start your journey to get a good sex life, hopefully this post will get you started.

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Brad’s transformation story from shy guy to Player

Story about how I went from Kissless, Socially Anxious, Overly Nice guy to live full Player Lifestyle… A story of transformation from Shy guy to Confident

If you are in your late teens or early 20’s, struggling to get women or lack motivation to start your journey to get good at it, I’ll tell my success story which hopefully helps you and gets you motivated to master this aspect of your life.

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book about transformation from shy guy to confident

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Originally I was planning to write in this post ways to get you motivated for going out of your comfort zone, but I accidentally wrote a very long life story of my transformation. So I promise I’ll write the original article other time. Anyway, let’s go to the story of me:

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