Beginning of the Player Lifestyle. Player Journal Part 2.

My Journey To Player

The Player Journal Part 2 continues the story. In this part I tell you my story about how I started to get laid occasionally and had some extreme experiences, like having a threesome, toilet fucks or MILF hunting.

Besides that you might possibly can relate to some of the stories and get motivated, I teach you important lessons in this book.

This book contains the following:

  • Step by step guide how you can get threesome with two women
  • Example opening lines that I have proved to be effective
  • Strategy to learn how to fuck a hot woman in bars toilet in under 5 minutes
  • Complete guide how to approach, seduce and fuck MILF’s.
  • Important lessons to master the “Dating Game”
  • Motivational stories that hopefully helps you
  • Ways to avoid the Friend Zone
  • And much more…

Get this book only for $9.99 and start your own journey to become the Pimp! (This package contains both: Player Journal Part 1 and Part 2)

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16 Ways to Dramatically Improve your Personality

Below is 16 Best ways to improve Your personality and help Your life with:

  • Social situations
  • Financially
  • Becoming successful
  • and achieving Your Dreams

Some of them are common sense, but I tried to write more about Mindset that can be acquired and with it you can become the best version of yourself and dramatically improve your personality:

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Good sources for getting over the shyness and social anxiety

The calmness of the Nature.

So you want to Beat the Shyness?

Great. You came to right place my Friend!

This time I’ll make a list of great and legit sources which helped me tremendously on my journey to beat the shyness and become confident. They sped up my learning curve a lot.

There are also some new Sources I hope I would have found back then… They would have given a huge help back then. Hopefully they will help You on Your Journey!

Helpful article: How to forget the mistakes of the past and move on the life

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